Sun Sign – Lion, Life Sign – Variety

MARTINO  Hammerle – Bortolotti, whose sun sign is lion, was born in Innsbruck. After graduating from his hometown university with a degree in business management, the artist knew very well that singing, his great passion, would accompany him for the rest of his life.

His music studies led him to many European cities, e.g. to Freiburg, Budapest, Brno and also to Florence where his maestro lives. South Carolina University granted the young singer more than one scholarship, which allowed him to become acquainted with the work of Mozart and roles in Italian opera repertoire. They were created in the inspiring environment of Tuscany.

He made his debut on the stage of the Brno Opera in 1999 as Papageno (Magic flute). Not only did he give a guest performance in some mise en scene of works by Rossini, Donizetti etc. performed in the Czech Republic, but also he came to know the music of Smetana and Janáček.

His professional career has been pursued on stages of the entire European continent and is far from easy to characterize because he is an interpreter whose life credo is variety. He has given a series of performances which have been very well received by his common audiences.

Martino Hammerle-Bortolotti interprets works from the classical repertoire of Belcanto, by Mozart, Puccini, Leoncavallo, Verdi and Wagner as well as those little known or even unknown. In the chamber music ensemble he devotes himself systematically to old music.

The Brno Symphonic Orchestra can attest to his impressive interpretations of the works of the musical avant-garde. However, his real love is older music. He is fascinated by mostly forgotten, or even at the time, forbidden music. This type of music awakens in him a burning desire to interpret its artistic value to the audience and to (re)make it popular.

With commitment and love Martino Hammerle-Bortolotti presents the songs of the twenties and thirties of the last century. To him they open the door to a wonderland. He truly believes that one should not only enjoy the beautiful music itself, but also be aware of the inward feelings of the people who lived at the time of the creation of the music. This is the journey he wants to set out on with his audience.

Enjoy the atmosphere of passed times with a versatile singer who – when not on tour – lives alternately in Brno, Florence and Vienna.

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